Our passion is to share the experience by providing the best products for our customers.  Welcome, to Texas Bowfishing Boats, the leading bowfishing boat fabricator and dealer.


When you are ready for the ultimate bowfishing experience we are the “Go to Bowfishing Boat Company” to design and build your ultimate bowfishing boat. Whether you want all welded aluminum or steel, custom options and more, our range of services starts with designing a custom deck for your current boat to a completely new bowfishing rig designed to you specifications.

We are Texas Bowfishing Boats, a custom boat fabricator in North Texas.   Our bowfishing boats provide you with a complete package from raised decks, lights and well thought out features you will not find anywhere else, not to mention as a complete boat package.  What other investment can give you access to every season from fishing, bowfishing, duck hunting and family fun on the water.  We also offer additional boat package rigs such as fishing rigs, duck hunting rigs and river boat rigs.

Our product line not only includes our boat packages, we also have:

  • An enormous selection of high quality LED bowfishing lights
  • Professional high quality custom made marine wiring harnesses
  • Airboat control sticks and cables
  • Custom bowfishing decks for any boat
  • Custom configuration of any new boat package
  • Off-trailer boat painting
  • Trailer painting
  • Aluminum and steel fabrication, welding, repair and customization
  • Underwater fishing lights
  • Custom rigging, accessories and much more…

We can arrange shipping of our products across the continental U.S.  Call us today and we will be glad to help you with a personalized solution for your boating needs.


We Specialize In:

High End Quality • Features • Customization • Service • Heavy Duty & Build to Last


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